10 Signs You Ought to Say “Yes” to a Second Date

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1.You’re unsure.

When someone’s not right for you, chances are you’ll know instantly. If you’re not sure whether you should go on a second date with someone, it means you should do it. You’re unsure for a reason. If you were certain that you don’t want to see them again, then you would just stop thinking about it.

According to Laurel Steinberg, PhD, a sex and relationship therapist and professor of psychology at Columbia University, being unsure is a very good reason do to something. As she explained, when someone’s not right for you, you’ll be very sure, very soon.

When you’re unsure and have doubts about someone, there’s a chance you might actually like them, but also a chance that you might not. Either way, you can’t know unless you try. Maybe they’ll feel more comfortable with you after meeting you the second time.

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