10 Signs You Ought to Say “Yes” to a Second Date

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2.They’re very different from your ex-partners.

Sometimes it’s impossible to know so soon if a person it’s worth your time or not, especially when you had your fair share of unsuccessful relationships in the past. However, a good indicator that someone might be right for you is when they’re very different from the other people you’ve dated.

According to Steinberg, being different is an important quality in this situation, especially when you’ve dated people that hurt you. “Maybe ‘different’ is exactly what you need,” she added.

Also, it’s important to give someone a chance even though they might not be your type. Great things happen when you start dating outside your type, maybe you’ll find the great love you were looking for all along. If your ex-partners were jerks and made you unhappy, maybe it’s not such a bad thing that you’re now dating someone completely different.

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