10 Signs You Ought to Say “Yes” to a Second Date

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4.Pay attention to how the conversation goes.

There are those moments when you just click with someone instantly, and that usually happens through conversation. If you feel like you can talk about anything with them, you can be yourself, and you didn’t run out of topics to discuss even after a few hours of talking, it’s a good indicator that your first date was extremely good, and the second date might be even better.

However, if you found conversation rather dull than interesting, you couldn’t open up and there was no spark between you two, chances are this isn’t the right person for you, and there’s no point in going on a second date. After all, communication should come naturally, especially at the beginning phase of a relationship.

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According to Thompson, another very important aspect when it comes to a good conversation is the topic. She recommends paying attention to the topics you’re discussing with your date. For instance, if the other person doesn’t ask you anything about you or your personal life, it might be a sign that they have a little bit of an ego, and that might be a problem in the future.

If the other person is only talking about themselves, there’s no point in going on a second date, unless you want to hear more about their life. Conversely, if the other person actually wants to get to know you better and asks a lot of questions in order to do that, a second date might be a great opportunity to create a real connection.

According to Thompson, you should also pay attention to the manner of conversation, whether the other person is doing a small talk or talks about things that really matter.

“What’s the conversation like?” Thompson asks. “Does she ask questions? Is she getting to know you as a person on a deeper level?”

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