10 Signs You Ought to Say “Yes” to a Second Date

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8.They don’t have time for playing games.

Playing games might have been fun as a teenager, but as you get older and start looking for something serious, you don’t have time for games anymore. You can tell someone has genuine intentions when they prioritize spending time with you no matter how busy they might be.

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Also, someone who wants to be with you won’t make you feel confuse or second-guessing. If they do this, they might not like you as much as you’d thought. Someone who likes you will let you know that they had a great time on your date and will make plans to see you again soon.

As Thompson has explained, “If a guy likes you he’s not gonna play games. He’s not gonna wait a week to call you. He’s not gonna make himself unavailable.”

Someone who has sincere intentions won’t play games, they won’t act mysterious or keep you hanging. Instead, they’ll be upfront about it and let you know that they care. And that’s definitely the kind of person you should go out with on a second date.

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