How to Save Your Relationship From Failure

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19. Be honest and speak from your heart.

If you want to be heard, you need to speak from the heart and open up about the things that matter to you. Try not to blame your partner for everything that’s not going right in the relationship.
Instead tell them something like: “When X happens I feel Y and I think it would be helpful if you could do Z to reassure me or prevent that from happening in the future.”

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20. Listen.

Make sure to really listen to what your partner has to say, even though you might not care very much about it. Maybe your partner had a long day at work and they feel like venting about it. Let them do it, and try to listen to them, even though you might want to discuss something else.

As Czajkowska has explained, even when you have an argument with your partner, listen carefully to what they have to say, but not because you want to respond, but rather because you want to understand.

You shouldn’t focus on winning an argument, as it will only create tension, resentment, and distance between you and your partner. And both of you will lose in the end.

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