How to Save Your Relationship From Failure

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24. Saying ‘thank you’ is so underrated.

Now that you’ve seen what your partner does right in the relationship, don’t just observe them silently. Learn how to say ‘thank you’ even to the smallest things and gestures. If your partner took out the trash or cleaned the kitchen after dinner, verbally thank them and show your appreciation.

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25. But don’t forget to have fun together.

People tend to get so caught up in their busy schedules that they forget to have fun and spend quality time with their partners. Even though you might have a very busy life, try to do something fun at least once a week, just the two of you.

Try to let go of the same old routine and include some fun things into your life, whether it’s traveling, playing board games, attend events together, or simply going on a date on weekends.

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