How to Save Your Relationship From Failure


26. Prioritize intimacy and communication.

According to Czajkowska, it’s important that you take care of each other physically and emotionally. For starters, she recommends giving each other a heads up every time you feel disconnected.
Then, have an open conversation about what could be the cause and try to fix it. “Commitment to working on the relationship is just as important as commitment to the partner,” she explains.

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27. But is it worth it?

There’s definitely no right or wrong answer here. It’s your task to figure out if your relationship is worth the extra effort or not. Some people are just not meant to be together, while others do everything in their power to make things work.

Also, sometimes relationships can’t be saved, and you shouldn’t blame yourself or your partner for that. In order to save a relationship, your partner should work with you on the saving mission.

If you’re the only one that’s fighting for your relationship then reconciliation probably isn’t likely.

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