How to Survive Infidelity in a Marriage


8. Spend time with your spouse without talking about the unfortunate event.

Even though it might be hard not to talk about it, and you might still be angry with them, it’s important that you connect as friends and romantic partners as well. Spend time in each other’s company even when you don’t feel like talking. Sitting there in silence might also help you clear your thoughts.

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9. Don’t forgive unless you’re ready to.

Even though forgetting is impossible, the not-so-great memories will fade over time. However, you can’t go there without learning how to forgive your partner. But this step should only be made when you’re feeling ready, and you definitely shouldn’t let them rush you into it.

Listen to your heart instead and hear what it has to say. If you feel like your partner is honest with you and they truly want to make things work from now on, give them another chance and learn to forgive them.

It’s all about baby steps because you might need some time to rebuild your trust.

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