How to Survive Infidelity in a Marriage

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2. You need to end your affair immediately and stop seeing that person.

Firstly and very importantly, you need to end your affair immediately and cut off all contact. If you do this, your spouse will know that even though you betrayed their trust, you’re ready to make up for it.

If you’re 100 percent sure that you want to make things right with your partner, there’s no room for texting, phone calls, or meeting the other person for lunch. If you find it impossible to let go, it might be that you don’t love your partner as much as you thought.

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If you can’t avoid the person you had an affair with because you work together or they’re your business partner, make sure to keep your encounters strictly professional and be honest with your partner about the situation.

It would be recommended to avoid closed-door meetings or a private lunch date, because this way you’ll make your spouse feel like you’re hiding something, again. You need to inform your partner every time you get in contact with the person you had an affair with, even when it’s strictly professional, and make sure to do it before they even ask.

Moreover, if the person you had an affair with calls or texts you, make sure you let your partner know, as it will help them start trusting you again if they feel like you can be honest.

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