12 Signs You Have Post Divorce Depression

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For many people, depression caused by a divorce can interfere with other symptoms and changes in their behavior, such as:

  • avoiding people you are feeling close to – maybe you don’t want people to see you feeling angry and upset, which is a good thing (for a few days), because it gives you the chance to process everything, and to realize what actually happened. But don’t overdo it! Having people close to you can make you feel like you are not alone, and it will give you the opportunity to share all your emotions, and not let them overwhelm you!;
  • fighting with others – this is a common thing many people tend to do. And that’s because, given the nature of the divorce, you can experience a lot of anger that was built up in you. You accumulate so much tension, so many feelings, and the moment someone tells you something you don’t agree with, you explode, even though the person you are angry with is actually somebody else;
  • experiencing lack of focus – you might feel like all you want to do is lie in bed and not think about anything serious. Although it is ok to do that for a little while, you can’t avoid real-life forever. However, if you are willing to pick things up right where you left them, you might not be able to do it straight away. Your mind, and also your body can be tired from all the sad feelings that you have, and going to work is the last thing that you want to do. It’s not a problem if this happens a few days after your divorce, but if the lack of focus is still there even after a few months, this is a clear sign that you might experience post-divorce depression;
  • ignoring responsibilities – if you don’t want to think about the things that you need to get done or you are trying to come up with reasons why you can’t do several things, or even if you are coming up with excuses for yourself, it’s a sign that you might experience depression. You’re feeling too tired to tackle serious matters because you might already be out of energy. Keep in mind that you can’t avoid responsibilities forever!;
  • loss of appetite – when they are feeling down or when they feel like they want to hit something, some people lose their hunger. Nothing appeals to them, and even their stomach keeps growling, they don’t listen to it. It may be because they feel sick or get even more upset when they are trying to eat, so they just avoid it. Keep in mind that a loss of appetite is not something that will help you get in shape or get you a revenge body, but it will only lead to serious health issues!
  • lack of motivation or/and interest – even the things you used to like before don’t seem appealing to you anymore. You don’t want to do anything that gets you out of your comfort zone, but if you experience that, let yourself feel all the feelings you want at first. But after a while, put yourself back together and then start picking up the positive habits that used to make you happy!;
  • irritability – if you find yourself getting angry all the time, even because of little, insignificant things, it’s proof that you are not in a good place mentally, and you need to figure things out because being constantly under pressure is not good at all for your health, both mental and physical;
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