5 Signs You Might Be A Toxic Partner

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In “Toxic People”, a book that was released in 1995, the author, Dr. Lillian Glass, said that a toxic relationship is when the spouses don’t support each other, when they are fighting all the time, when they don’t respect each other and also, when the partners behave like they are in a competition.

According to Dr. Kristen Fuller, a family medicine physician, who is specialized in mental health, a toxic relationship is damaging the partners mentally, emotionally and even physically.

There are many causes that can make people toxic for others. It can vary from childhood trauma, such as parents being divorced or getting bullied in school, to failed relationships, health issues, negative workplace and so many others. There are cases when people who are extremely stressed out are treating badly other people, without even noticing it and they are doing it especially when they are in a relationship. If you have questions regarding your toxicity, here are a few signs that indicate you might be toxic for your partner:

1. You vent to much to them

Whatever you do, you can’t stop complaining about how bad your day went, how unhappy you are, how much you want to change something and so on. It doesn’t matter if your partner doesn’t feel good, if they are unhappy or maybe sick of something.

You might hear what they say, but you don’t actually listen. Instead, you are more concerned about your situation and whatever is your partner trying to tell you, all you feel is that your problems are bigger than theirs.

2. You behave like you are the only person in the relationship

When people are in a serious relationship, they usually talk to each other about important aspects, such as new jobs, moving to a different city or state, getting a car, adopting a pet and so many others, but if you find yourself not even thinking about your partner when you are making serious decisions, it’s a clear sign that you might be toxic for your partner.

By behaving like you are the only person that matters in the relationship, you give the impression that your partner is just a redundant person. You will make them feel unwanted, unhappy, angry and even tired of you. Lack of communication is never a good thing.

3. You are not open to discussion

If your partner wants to talk to you, but you always manage to keep yourself busy, you might give the impression that you are avoiding your spouse. You are not willing to discuss your problems, you are not willing to say what you don’t agree with, you just don’t want to be that involved.

Communication is the first rule for a healthy relationship, so if this is exactly the thing that you are avoiding, it is clear that something is off.

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