6 Signs Your Partner Is Too Clingy (How to Deal With It)

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5. They need constant reassurance that you love them 

No matter how often you say it or how many things you do to show what your true feelings are, they still need to see it or hear it one more time. It might be cute to play dumb and ask your loved ones what their feelings towards you are, but when this simple thing keeps repeating over and over again, it means that those people don’t have any confidence in themselves, in you, nor the relationship.

6. They want to be asked for permission

…This one might actually be the worst of them all! 

Your significant other might want to be completely involved in your schedule-making, especially if you also live together. Having a general idea of what you have planned is not a bad thing, but it can easily become weird and toxic if they want to have more control over you and tell you exactly what to do with your free time.

If they want you to ask for their permission before you make plans with someone else, this is the biggest warning sign of clingy behavior! And if we’re being honest, this requires a lot of conversations and maybe even some couple’s therapy, so that both of you can find a common point!


The simplest way you can move past this toxic behavior is by talking to them and telling them exactly what the problem is and asking them if they see any solutions on how to solve the conflict. If those don’t work out, you can always ask for a pro’s advice and suggest either individual therapy or couple’s counseling.

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