5 Subtle Signs Your Partner Has a Crush on Someone Else

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4. Jealousy

…towards someone else! 

It’s not that big of a deal to have opinions on your friends’ partners, but there’s a huge difference between interest and too much preoccupation. If your partner seems very affected and bothered by someone’s relationship, that might be a sign something’s wrong.

If that’s the case with your partner, they might start talking about how that person is in a wrong relationship and how they deserve so much better. Trust us, you want to talk to them if you sense any type of jealousy that has nothing to do with YOUR relationship!

5. New routine

A sudden change in someone’s routine is one of the easiest ways to notice that there’s something else going on. If you’ve noticed that your partner has adopted some new habits and interests, it might be an indicator of a small crush.

Maybe they started to spend more time at work, they picked up a few hobbies they’ve never seemed interested in, or they might withdraw from the regular things you usually do as a couple. All of these can be easily considered warning signs, and you should talk to your significant other about them because honesty is always the best.

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