What Is Cuffing Season & How To Get Over It

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What is cuffing season?

Cuffing season is when single people, who are happy and joyful around the summer, and who also have fun dating, start looking for something more meaningful when the cold weather occurs. They want to find a special person to spend the colder months with. For some of them, these relationships last only for the winter season, while others can completely fall in love with each other and maintain relationships.

We wanted to understand cuffing season better, so we spoke to Amie Leadingham, who is a relationship expert. According to her, the name of this phenomenon comes from some people’s strong desire to be “cuffed” (handcuffed) by a serious relationship.

When is it cuffing season? 

We have previously established that cuffing season makes its appearance when the weather gets colder, the day shorter, and the desire to get comfy on the couch with someone gets stronger.

Each person has a different reason they are looking for a relationship when winter hits. Some of them don’t like it when it’s too cold and snowy outside, and they prefer to stay inside of their own comfy homes. But why stay all alone, when you can hug someone you feel close to?

For others, cuffing season begins before the holidays, so they have someone to share them with. In warmer climates, this season can start a little bit later, while in colder climates it might get an early headstart. 

In conformity with Amie Leadingham, it is believed that cuffing season can last from October to Valentine’s Day. After the day when people are celebrating their love and they give each other gifts, it usually starts to get warm again. This is why many couples tend to go their ways and prepare to be single, free, and happy by themselves again. Some of them realize they are better off together, but cases like this are quite rare.

Tips for finding a partner 

  • start early – if the only reason you are looking for someone is to spend the winter with, not the rest of your life, you still need to find someone you are attracted to. You will be with them for a few months, and given the fact that it’s cold outside, you will spend a lot of time together. And if you want to make sure to enjoy these couple of months, make sure you go on several dates, to find out what you like… or not. It is believed that many people start their searching seriously just after Labor Day.
  • be happy with your choices – according to Amie Leadingham, there are many people out there, who are looking for a partner, just like you. Don’t be afraid to swipe through dating apps, such as Tinder, Bumble, or Hinge. Also, make sure you say yes to parties, events, and even consider joining sports leagues. Who knows who you’ll end up finding?.
  • do the work – just because you are looking for a partner, it doesn’t mean that they will knock on your door on the first day of winter. You have to make yourself emotionally and physically attractive and available. As our relationship expert says, confidence is key when it comes to finding a partner during cuffing season. She added that you need to take care of yourself first because all comes from within. Like attracts like, so take some time for yourself!
  • don’t forget about the smart questions – I can’t stress this enough, but make sure you set your desires and expectations from the beginning! You might be looking for a short-term partner, but not everyone does the same. In order to not get disappointed, you should talk about every little detail with your future partner. This means questions like “What are you looking for right now?”, “What do you expect from your partner?” etc.

The next topic is for people who are not looking for a partner for the cold season but are willing to get over this quite harder period of time…

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