Why Your In-Laws Are Driving You Crazy


7. They expect too much from their son (your husband).

Sometimes your in-laws might not understand how busy your lives are, and they come up with all kinds of tasks for your husband. One Mississippi mom shared on Parenting.com that her in-laws ask their son to drive one hour every day to water their plants when they’re not at home.

But when you feel like they’re asking too much from your husband, you need to tell them how your lives are like and how busy you are on a daily basis, splitting your time between work, children, and maintaining a household. Maybe they’ll finally understand.

However, there are also those in-laws that want to have control over their son, even when he’s not a child anymore. In this situation, your husband might have to learn to say ‘no’ without feeling guilty. It’s important that they understand you want to help, but on terms that won’t make your lives impossible.

For instance, the Mississippi family found a way that works for both parties involved. Instead of driving one hour each day to water the plants, they decided to only go on weekends and asked a trusted neighbor to look after the house on the weekdays.

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