Why Your In-Laws Are Driving You Crazy

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These in-laws’ experiences sound familiar to you? It’s always been harder to get along with your in-laws than it is with your own parents. After all, you’ve been negotiating with them your whole life, so you know how to please them and get what you want at the same time.

With your in-laws, however, it’s very different. You don’t know exactly what you should say to them, because you obviously don’t want to hurt their feelings. But the thing is, every time you stay silent, your resentment grows more and more.

And what’s making things even more complicated is the fact that your in-laws could cause a lot of problems in your marriage, sometimes unwillingly, simply because your husband refuses to tell them to back off once in a while.

Another mom shared on Parenting.com that every time she tries to tell her husband what’s bothering her about her in-laws, he gets very defensive and takes his parents’ side. And that’s how you’re not only in conflict with your in-laws, you’re also in conflict with your partner.

But one thing is sure: These people are going to be part of your life forever, so you need to find a way to make things work. Read on to find out the most common ways in which your in-laws are driving you crazy!

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