Why Your In-Laws Are Driving You Crazy

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That’s why it’s important to approach the situation in a different manner. Tell your partner that it would be great to have more time together as a family, not to punish your in-laws, but rather to strengthen your bond, maybe he’ll see things differently this way.

But you also need to be prepared to compromise. If you’re asking your partner to spend less time with his family, you’ll likely have to do the same with yours. If he sees that you’re making sacrifices as well, he’ll probably accept the situation. It’s important to have a few trips each year without your in-laws or other relatives.

It’s important that your husband is the one that tells his parents that they won’t see you as soon as they’d like. They’ll probably take the new better if it’s coming from their son. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be involved in their grandson’s life. You can also plan frequent meet-ups on Zoom, or send them photos to see how much he/she has grown. Even if they won’t like this change at first, they’ll probably accept it after a while.

If your in-laws live in close proximity, it’s important to find a way to avoid confrontation. According to Newman, they’ll probably agree to the situation if you offer a compromise.

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