5 Most Common Manipulation Tactics Used by Highly Toxic People

5 Most Common Manipulation Tactics Used by Highly Toxic People


Throughout your life, you are going to meet all sorts of people, from the ones that instantly put a smile on your face to the ones that make you want to bang your head against the wall (or theirs, but let’s not promote violence). The latter bunch always seem to find a way to be part of your life, whether you realize it or not, manipulating, controlling and spreading their toxicity.

Anyone can be a toxic person, from a co-worker to a close friend or a life partner. These individuals employ a multitude of manipulation and emotional abuse techniques to control and manipulate you into doing things their way.

However, becoming aware and identifying some of their schemes can make it easier for you to break out of their controlling and manipulative clutches. To help you out in doing just that, here are some of the most common manipulation techniques used by toxic people.


1. They find a way to blame you for everything

Try as you might, toxic people will always come up with something to point an accusatory finger at you. One critical comment from you is all it takes for them to lash out and attack you. To you, it will seem like you’re endlessly throwing a hot potato from one person to the other, but to them, it’s as normal and easy as Sunday morning.

To avoid such negative situations, make sure you also read 7 Types Of Toxic People Who Poison Your Life and take the right action against these types of individuals.

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