5 Ways Your Partner Is Passive-Aggressive Toward You

Photo by Olena Yakobchuk from shutterstock.com

…Do you think your partner has passive-aggressive behavior?

Anger is a normal and natural emotion and the most helpful way to address it is by being honest about it and talking to someone about it. It’s easy to notice when someone is angry: the way they talk is different, their voices are raised, they might be yelling, and they also might get aggressive, whether it’s verbally or physically.

On the other hand, passive aggression is slightly different and it can be harder to determine. Experts, for instance, say that this is a type of behavior in which people express their pessimistic feelings or aggression in diffident ways, though things such as stubbornness, procrastination, and reticence to communicate.

If you think that your partner has passive-aggressive behavior toward you, but you don’t know for sure, we provided a list of signs that might help you out. Here they are:

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