6 Most Common Sex Dreams and Their Possible Meaning

6 Most Common Sex Dreams and Their Possible Meaning

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If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night, feeling all hot and bothered after a more than unexpected, steamy sex dream, you’re not alone in this boat…or should I say bed. As misleading and confusing as they are, sex dreams are quite a common occurrence. And more often than not, they represent a way for your subconscious to send you certain messages about your inner emotions, anxieties, and fears. However, this doesn’t mean you should take everything to heart; after all, it’s just a dream!

If you want to know more about the meaning of your dream productions, here are 6 most common sex dreams and what they might mean.

1. Sex with A Co-Worker

Romantic dreams involving a co-worker are quite common, but they don’t necessarily mean you actually want to hook up with them in real life as well. According to dream expert Lauri Loewenberg, author of Dream on It, Unlock Your Dreams Change Your Life, if you are already infatuated with a certain person at work, then the dream’s meaning is more than obvious.

However, if you’ve been dreaming about someone you wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole, you don’t need to worry about a possible crush, hidden deep down in your subconscious. Your dream might simply be caused by a recent encounter or interaction with that person, says Loewenberg. It may be that the co-worker has certain qualities that you appreciate and would also like to possess.

2. Sex with An Ex

A sex dream involving your ex is no reason for you to call back and rekindle your romance. The dream might have nothing to do with you ex anyway, says Lowenburg. “Strangely enough, we continue to dream about our first loves, even if we’ve moved on to a happy marriage. Don’t worry — it’s not that you want him back; it’s that you want what he represents back: excitement, bubbles, passion! You are likely to get these dreams when your marriage gets a little too routine and humdrum, as all marriages do from time to time,” says Loewenberg.

The exes that appear the most in our dreams are either our first love, someone with whom we still keep in touch or are connected to because of various circumstances or the ex we most recently broke up with. Dreaming of an ex who left you heartbroken might be a sign that you haven’t emotionally healed yet. Until you stop having these kinds of dreams, you won’t be able to move forward with your life, says Loewenberg.

3. Sex with Your Boss

Dreaming about your boss might make things a little awkward the next time you see him prancing around the office, but it doesn’t mean you actually want to do the deed.  In most cases, sex dreams are not about the person but what they represent. You might be attracted to the power, dominance, authority, or decision-making skills your boss possesses or interested in learning how to become a more authoritative person when it comes to various aspects of your life, either personal or professional.

The message of a dream involving your boss is to take over the reins of your life and be prepared to make whatever decisions you might have to, at any given moment.


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