10 Things Most Men Would Never Confess to a Woman

Photo by fizkes from shutterstock.com

3. “I am jealous”

There are men who are not afraid to tell their partners that they are feeling jealous when they are talking or even flirting with someone else. However, the majority of them will keep it quiet, or they will give you hints about their emotions, but they won’t tell you directly.

4. “I like being complimented”

We all know that women love to hear things such as “Your hair looks great today”, or “Your outfit is impeccable”. It is a tradition that men are the ones who give women compliments, but the truth is that they love to hear them just as much as women do.

Males need to know that you appreciate them, so don’t be shy to give them all the words of affection they might need! By doing so, you will boost their confidence and self-esteem!

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