8 Biggest Turn-Offs for Women Over 50s

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We all know that we can’t stay the same forever. Every stage in our lives has something specific, something that is going to change. Think about the way you were acting around someone you liked when you were young vs how you behave now around someone you have a crush on.

We can say that we all have distinct turn-ons and turn-offs and we have to be aware of the fact that these can change over time. With that being said, ladies, hear me out: even though we all know that being older is usually associated with being more mature and wiser, the same thing goes for possible future partners.

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This means that what was interesting for you when you were 30 might not be the same at 50 years old. Because we don’t want to neglect anyone, I have to address something to our masculine audience: if you are curious to see what the biggest turn-offs for women over 50s are, keep reading!

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11 thoughts on “8 Biggest Turn-Offs for Women Over 50s”

  1. I like to feel my opinion is important and I enjoy a good debate. Not an argument or being told to be reasonable. Nothing is more infuriating than to be told to listen to my logic that my opinion doesn’t have validity. It my opinion for goodness sakes

  2. I think women over 50 definitely do not want to play games and do not have time for BS. We do not want to fix someone. At this age we don’t like to go out as much as we used to so relaxing at home should be comfortable with our partner. But not opposed to trying things the other one likes.By all means don’t fall into the friend zone, we should make each other feel desired a lot.

  3. Listen and respond.
    If you want to stay with anyone in any relationship . Listen and respond .
    If you have zero interest. Listen and respond . It is easy and so benificial.

  4. I agree with the 8 biggest turn offs of women over age 50. All being said, men and women no matter what age need to have common interest and they need to be honest with themselves (meaning don not change yourself for someone else to like you). Accept people as they are, do not try to change people or even try to change yourself. Relationships need work there few perfect things in life.

  5. One of the most important aspects of a good relationship later in life is what my late wife told me: “One reason I love being with you is that you’ve always let me be myself.”

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