5 Rules Grandparents Are Allowed To Break

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Finding out that your kids are going to have kids of their own can be considered one of the happiest day in somebody’s life. There are a lot of emotions involved, such as love, happiness, trust, joy and the list can go on.

The months of anticipation are the ones where future grandparents tend to be very careful with the parents-to-be. This can happen even though future grandparents weren’t that indulgent with their children when they were little.

There are many cases where grandparents are trying not to repeat the mistakes they made with their children. That’s why some of the grandchildren end up being very spoiled.

Sometimes parents are not comfortable with the great treatment the kids receive from their grandparents, so that means there are rules that grandparents can break – of course, in a reasonable way.

Let’s see them:

1. Permission to watch everything on TV

In order to have boundaries and know what they should do or not, parents will create rules for their children. This will help them learn how to respect a schedule and also, how to become organized people.

Even though parents know best, when grandparents and grandchildren meet, things may start to get a little crazy. For example, if parents allow their kids to watch TV, but only certain programs and for a certain amount of time, grandparents come and change that.

They want to get close to the little ones, so they do anything they want and can to obtain that. They will let them watch TV for however long they want and choose their own shows.

It’s important to keep in mind that this won’t mess up the kids schedules, but only give them a timeframe to relax.

2. Let them skip the cleaning up after themselves

If parents taught their children that after they finished eating they have to put the plates and the silverware in the sink or in the dishwasher, grandparents will let them play after they had the meal.

A little free time here and there won’t hurt anybody. Plus, children won’t feel overwhelmed by the rules at home. They will know that when they are with their parents, they have rules to respect, but when is grandparent’s time, they can feel more relaxed and enjoy the “vacation”.

3. No punishment

Now that their own kids are grown-ups who have kids as well, grandparents get to be the fun and joyful people who won’t be upset if children do something they weren’t suppose to – of course, as long as it’s nothing to out there.

It is true and obvious that if kids do something bad, they have to be punished. This doesn’t mean anything that can hurt them, but maybe no TV time for two days because of what they did.

Grandparents tend to explain to their grandchildren why it isn’t all right what they did (just like parents do), but will skip the punishment. If this doesn’t happen every day, there is no need for concern from the parents.

4. Can bring friends at home >

Sometimes parents don’t want to take responsibility for someone else’s children, either because they’re tired, because they don’t have time or other reasons. That’s why kids are not always allowed to bring their friends over.

This is the situation when grandparents can be seen as heroes by the little ones. They will be happy to cook the children’s favorite meals, play with them, read them stories or just leaving them in the company of their friends.

Having friends over can be really fun, so grandparents win when they can be their grandchildren’s friends.

5. Can sleep in / stay up late

This might be one of the children’s favorites. Staying up a little later than their bedtime hour and watching TV or playing can be the definition of a fun night for kids.

They can put on their nightwear, brush their teeth, without the need to be in bed by a certain time. Also, it’s fun as well when grandparents allow kids to sleep in in the morning.

Kids will appreciate these little gestures and will also learn the importance that the rules have. In order to relax and have a good time, they have to respect the rules first, because it can’t be like that every time.

Spending time with grandparents should be fun and relaxing. It should feel like going on a vacation. No need to worry about what mom and dad would say, no need to worry about homework. Just a good time and a little bonding with the grandpas.

Just like I said at the beginning of this article, now it’s time for the grandparents to relax and to enjoy the kids, not to make the rules, to establish boundaries or you teach them parents lessons. They are allowed to break a few rules here and there, just as long as they explain their grandchildren that this won’t be the new normal and it won’t happen every day.

Other than that, happy day for grandparents!

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