10 Signs Your Partner Is Lying to You, According to Studies
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10 Signs Your Partner Is Lying to You, According to Studies

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It’s important to understand that each body is different, that’s why Schafer recommends developing a baseline in order for this to work. He compares this test to a polygraph lie detector test when you also need to observe their characteristics under normal circumstances in order to compare how the truth looks like versus the lie.

Based on a few studies, Schafer has explained that our pupils usually dilate when we’re telling a lie, adding that “lying causes an increase in cognitive demand” and “pupil dilation normally indicates an increase in cognitive demand.”

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Your pupils will get bigger when you’re trying to convince someone of a lie. And no matter how good of a liar you might be, you won’t be able to control how your pupils behave. While you can play games when it comes to the words you use, there are some things that can’t be controlled.

When someone tries to think about a logical story to support the lie, the brain focuses on two different things all at once, what really happened and what they choose to tell you, which are often two opposite ideas. It’s a mental workout trying to express an idea while canceling the other.

While it’s true that some people are better at lying than others, that’s because they’re doing it all the time. In fact, one study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology analyzed 48 college students in China in order to find out if lying could become involuntary with practice. The students were asked to answer a few questions as fast as possible, either by telling the truth or a lie.

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Additionally, the students were also instructed to try to answer even faster and make fewer mistakes when they lied. The study has shown that the students became better at lying after a few sets of questions, which proves that lying can become automatic with practice, requiring less cognitive effort as well.

Therefore, if your partner is constantly lying to you, don’t be surprised if they get better and better at it. But jumping to conclusions might not always be the best idea, sometimes you have to give them the benefit of the doubt and try to have an open conversation about this issue.

If you’re questioning your partner’s honesty, read on to discover the 10 signs your partner might be lying to you!

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