10 Signs Your Partner Is Lying to You, According to Studies
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10 Signs Your Partner Is Lying to You, According to Studies

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5.They’re touching their face.

A lot of people have investigated lying, so there’s a lot of research on this topic, including why people tend to lie, how they lie, and what they look like when they lie. Therefore, when you’re suspecting your partner of lying, you can use science as a weapon.

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In fact, Anthony DeLorenzo and Dawn Ricci wrote a boog called ‘Warning Signs,’ where you can find a lot of tips on how to catch someone with a lie. The authors believe that liars tend to always touch their faces when they’re talking.

While this might appear strange, a lot of researchers believe it is a distancing mechanism between the liar and the lie. It could be their way of reacting to the lie by showing subtle signs of guilt. Just like some people play with their hair, clothes, or bodies when they’re feeling anxious, others are touching their faces when they’re telling a lie.

Even good liars can feel uncomfortable when telling a lie, which will result in doing strange things, such as touching their face or mouth more often than they usually do. Therefore, if you’ve noticed that your partner is doing this while talking, chances are they’re being untruthful.

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