Are You Guilty of Doing This to Your Ex?

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It helps you get rid of those bad memories.

Rarely does a relationship end in a good manner, where people are polite to each other and respect each other’s decision. Most of the time, especially after escaping a toxic, abusive relationship, you’d probably want to get rid of everything that reminds you of your ex, including the bad memories, explains Weiss.

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“Some people sanitize their social media to remove reminders of a hurtful experience,” says Xu. That’s why deleting old photos and throwing their things away can feel like therapy for some people. When you choose to delete your couple photos from your social media, you’re also saying bye-bye to painful memories, and hello to new ones. And also, it means you’re ready to move on, find someone new and love again, who knows, maybe this time you’ll find your forever partner.

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You can gain closure.

After breaking up, it might be tempting to ‘stalk’ your ex on social media just to see how they’re doing without you, but trust me, you don’t want to go there because it’s a tricky game that is very hard to escape. And it’s also not so easy moving on when you’re opening the social media app and you’re seeing them every day.

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“It’s hard to think of something other than your ex when your Instagram profile is full of cute couple photos,” says Xu. By deleting those photos you’re allowing yourself to start new, you’re moving on and gaining closure.

It’s like closing a chapter and starting a new one. But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy, especially if you’re still suffering or clinging to the idea that you’ll get back together one day.
According to marriage counselor Wyatt Fisher, PhD, in order to heal and move on, you need closure. And deleting the ‘remains’ of your relationship from social media is a good start to achieve it.

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