13 Things Scientifically Proven to Make Women More Attractive to Men


Why are other people more attractive than others? What does “attractiveness” even mean? According to psychiatrist Fredric Neuman, being attractive is not only about having a beautiful face or body, it’s something much more complex.

What is attractive to you might not be considered as attractive by someone else. This is especially valid when it comes to what men and women find alluring. According to science, there are few objects that women use that surprisingly make them more attractive to men. Keep reading to find out what items have the undeniable power to attract men and make them unable to take their eyes off the ladies!


1 High heels

We are not in the least surprised by the fact that high heels are considered attractive. Numerous scientifical studies suggested there’s a strong connection between high heels and women’s sexuality.

According to a 2013 study, wearing heels modifies a person’s gait, reducing the distance between steps and increasing the “rotation and tilt of the hips.” This hip movement is also what makes men feel more attracted to women in high heels. During the study, men were shown women wearing high heels and flat shoes and asked to rate their level of attractiveness. Needless to say, heel-wearing women were considered “significantly more attractive.”

Guys, you might like to see women in high heels, but according to a 2014 research conducted by the American Podiatric Medical Association, heels are the main culprit for foot pain in women. More than that, it has been revealed that of the 50 percent of women who reported wearing heels, almost all of them complained about the pain.


2 Books

Believe it or not, smart is sexy. According to a study by EliteSingles, 85 percent of the single people believe individuals who read are “more appealing” than those who have never opened a book in their lives. In another study by the same dating site in collaboration with Westwing, 26 percent of men and women participants admitted that a “well-stocked bookshelf” is the most thing they could ever find at their date’s house. Among the most attractive books to read and own, both men and women listed To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, while men also included erotic genres in their top five preferences.

But why does reading make you more appealing to others? According to psychologist Salama Marine, reading allows you to discuss all sorts of subjects, have opinions and constantly learn new things. She adds ‘’also, your taste in books can highlight aspects of your personality: are you curious, romantic, dreamy? By sharing your tastes, you can show and share your inner world.’’

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