5 Classic Date Night Movies From Every Genre

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When it comes to staying in, the first thing that comes to mind is having a movie night. That’s because it’s convenient, easy, fun, relaxing and it’s an activity that everybody enjoys. I know that sometimes it’s hard to decide what to watch, especially when you want to impress someone, but don’t be worry. 

I am here to help you and give you a few options. We’ll talk about good cinematographic productions, great acting and many genres to choose from. 

With that in mind, next time you have a date, you’ll be able to wow your partner with your film fan knowledge. 

Without further ado, let’s talk about some great movies:

1. Romantic and Fantasy

When it comes to watching something with a great story, talented actors and a screening that makes you say “wow” a lot, then “The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button” is the perfect choice. 

This movie is an American fantasy romantic drama directed by David Fincher in 2008. The storyline that Robin Swicord and Eric Roth created is actually based on a short story that has the same name as the film by F. Scott Fitzgerald. 

Brad Pitt plays Benjamin Button, one of the main characters, a man who ages in reverse: he was born as an old man and died as a baby. He falls in love with a ballerina played by Cate Blacnhett and now I’m going to stop giving you details, because you really need to watch it. 

2. Drama and History

Everyone, no matter what age, should watch this and trust me when I say I am not exaggerating at all. And if you’re passionate about Mozart, then this is your perfect fit, because “Amadeus” is a fictionalized story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The plot is all about the time that the composer has spent in Salzburg and follows the rivalry between him and Antonio Salieri, an Italian composer who was working at the court of Emperor Joseph II. 

The story is set in the later half of the 18th century, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Vienna. 

Open a bottle of wine, go and pop some popcorn and watch this movie from 1984. Trust me, after this, it will become one of your favorites!

3. Comedy and Romance

If you were thinking about a comedy, but you don’t know what to choose, just press play on “The Pink Panther”. It’s an American comedy directed by Blake Edwards in 1963.

The story is about the inspector Jacques Clouseau and his journey from Rome to Cortina d’Ampezzo, where he is trying to catch a jewelry thief, known as “The Phantom”. He tries to get his hands on him before the Phantom steals a diamond called “The Pink Panther”.  

The producer, Martin Jurow, made sure the movie was going to be a masterpiece and it turns out it was, because it had box office earnings of almost $11 million in the United States of America and Canada, that’s almost $95 million in today’s money. 

Let’s have a good laugh!

4. Mystery and Action

In 1955, Alfred Hitchcock directed a movie based on a novel by David Dodge. Both the movie and book are named “To Catch A Thief”. 

The film is all about a retired cat burglar, who is trying to save his reformed reputation by catching an impostor in the French Riviera. He is actually a retired jewel thief named John “The Cat” Robie and he is suspected by the police in a string of injustices on the French Riviera. 

If you were curious about how an old thief can catch another thief, then this is the movie to watch on your date night. 

Give a try and prepare for some good old mystery!

5. Thriller

This is a special one and it comes with a warning: it’s not suitable for those who are sensitive! 

“Das Experiment” is a German thriller directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel in 2001. It is inspired by a novel called “Black Box”, written by Mario Giordano and it also resembles an experiment from Stanford, conducted by Philip Zimbardo in 1971.

Tarek Fahd, a taxi driver, discovers an advertisement about an invitation to take part in a social experiment, while he was reading a newspaper. The experiment is about simulating a prison situation, led by Professor Klaus Thon and his assistant, Dr. Jutta Grimm. The people who were chosen to participate and finish the experiment would receive 4,000 German marks. Tarek Fahd decides to take part of. 

There are 20 people taking part in this project and they are divided in two categories: 12 prisoners and 8 guards. 

Let me tell you, there is nothing human about this movie!

I hope I made you curious about these cinematographic productions that, if I may say so, should be included in the category of the films to watch in a lifetime. They are bold, creative, well played and directed and you’ll be so caught up in the storyline, you won’t even feel the time passing. 

If you want to watch one for a date night, don’t forget to maybe open a bottle of red wine, put some popcorn on the table, get comfortable, grab a snack and press play. I guarantee you’ll have an amazing date night! 

You can comment down below if you have watched any of these films and tell me what you think.

Happy date night!

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