17 Essential Manners Every Parent Should Teach Their Child

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Saying “please “and “thank you” is just the tip of the iceberg. An important part of your child’s education is to teach them good manners so they can practice not only to you but also when they are on their own. Being respectful will make your child successful later in life. Besides the usual “please” and “thank you,” you want your child to be able to show respect to their elders and to know how to be a respectful guest. Enforce these manners from an early age, and your child will catch up in no time at all.


1. Teach your child to always say, “Please” when asking for something, and “Thank you” when receiving something or someone has helped them.

2. Teach them to say, “Excuse me” when they need to get through a crowd, run into someone, or just to get someone’s attention.

3. Teach them not to interrupt others. Whether it’s interrupting a conversation between two people that they’re not part of (unless it’s an urgent matter) or someone talking to them.

4. Show them how rude and insulting it is to comment on other people’s characteristics or physical appearances unless it is a positive comment.

5. Teach your kids to always ask permission. It’s crucial that they realize that if they’re not sure about taking or using something, it’s always best to ask first.

6. Enforce the value of gratitude. Instruct your child on how to write a quick thank-you message. Especially when they receive gifts in the mail, they should not be able to use the gift until they have adequately thanked the person who gave it to them.

7. Give your child a good hygiene lesson. Teach them to cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze and never pick up their nose and just use a tissue instead.

8. Teach them to answer respectfully when someone asks them how they are, and to always ask the question back.

9. Tell them how important it is to value the privacy of others. Always knock on closed doors and wait for an answer before opening the door.

10. Enforce the concept of table manners. Teach them not to get around the table to get it, but rather ask if someone can pass it on to them.

11. Teach them to keep the door open for someone, if the opportunity presents itself, and always say, “Thank you,” if anyone keeps the door open for them.

12. Tell them how to take care of themselves both after playtime and eating a meal.

13. Teach them to show appreciation by standing and taking off their hat for a National Anthem or a Pledge of Allegiance.

14. Ask them to always remember people’s names and address people by their names when speaking to them.

15. Teach them not to litter, and how necessary it is to keep our planet clean.

16. Tell them why it’s necessary to have proper sportsmanship, whether you win or lose.

17. Teach your child to take off their shoes when entering someone else’s home.

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