Proposing at Home? Here Are 6 Romantic Ways to Get Her to Say ‘YES!’

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If your plan was to propose somewhere outside the house and then the COVID-19 pandemic happened, don’t worry, you can still do it at home. Just because the whole world is now dealing with an ugly virus doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pop the question.

Many couples have canceled or postponed their weddings because of COVID-19, and there are also those who already purchased the ring but didn’t find the right time to pop the question. But what if I told you there’s no need to wait for better times because there are many cool ideas that will help you make the most romantic proposal at home. Most people would assume that proposing at home means sacrificing romance, but it doesn’t have to be like that. in fact, it can even enhance it.

A survey made by James Allen has shown that the current COVID-19 situation has affected more than 53% of respondents’ plans to propose. Therefore, those who planned on popping the question in a busy, public setting have found themselves forced to postpone or come up with another great idea, even though it has to be inside this time.

According to Megan Bicklein of The Yes Girls, a team of professional proposal planners, “We have found that many men and women are anxious that their original proposal idea, mostly including travel, won’t work and they’re trying to get a completely new proposal plan in place as soon as possible.”

But there’s absolutely no need to postpone as you can still propose and practice social distancing at the same time. If you planned on popping the question while having dinner at your favorite restaurant but obviously you can’t do that anymore because of quarantine, you can order takeout and support small businesses at the same time. Or, you could take the situation into your own hands and cook the dinner yourself. I bet she’s going to love it and appreciate your effort.

Maybe you wanted to propose on the beach and now you can’t do it anymore? Bring the beach to your home by transforming your living room into an island resort and spice things up with a tropical playlist, too. Also, don’t forget about the cocktails, they’re very important!

“What we have seen more of, and I think this can apply to all areas of life right now, is people caring less about the ‘showiness’ of the proposal, and instead, just being able to experience the moment with their loved one,” adds Bicklein.

Read on to find 6 of the most romantic and spectacular ways to propose at home. Now the question is, will she say YES??

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Recreate your favorite restaurant meal at home

If dining at your favorite restaurant is off the table, why not unleash your inner chef and recreate your favorite meal at home. Love Italian food? You could also make spaghetti bolognese as they’re pretty easy to make, and enjoy them with a glass of red wine. Crazy about Mexican food? I think tacos and guacamole made at home would be very delicious.

If you want to be more spontaneous, surprise her with a romantic breakfast in bed, with heart-shaped waffles and eggs. Or, if you feel a little extra, you could try to bake your own cake at home, after all, there are a lot of online courses that will help you make the perfect cake.

You can also make cupcakes and write “Will you marry me?” on them. I’m sure she will really appreciate your effort.

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Play a slideshow of memories

What can be more beautiful than taking a stroll down memory lane and reminiscing on your history as a couple? You could always add your favorite photos, funny videos, unforgettable moments where you were very happy or times when you did something totally crazy, and play the slideshow on the TV.

Light a few candles to create an atmosphere, snuggle on the couch and ask her what movie she wants to see. And then surprise her with the movie of your life. She’s going to love it!

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Take her to your favorite destination

Since traveling isn’t an option anymore, you need to be creative. If you’ve always imagined proposing in Paris, under the Eiffel Tower, you might as well transform your living room into the City of Love.

You can cook the specific cuisine, choose the right music that will make you feel like you’re walking on the Parisian streets, and decorate your room to fit the aesthetic.

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Host a party online with all your friends

If she always dreamt of being asked with her family by her side, make your lady happy and make her dream come true. Since holding large parties are no longer possible, you can think of other methods that will gather all your close friends and family members in one place.

Invite your loved ones to a video call and ask them to pout their favorite drinks. You could always break the “Will you marry me?” into single words and ask your friends to hold the visual sign in front of the camera.

I’m sure your partner will be very surprised and you’ll get to enjoy having your loved ones celebrating with you.

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Propose on your rooftop

If you’re living in a big city and your building has a rooftop, you need to take advantage of the space and pop the question. it doesn’t have to be something fancy, you just have to use your creativity.

A great idea would be setting up a romantic dinner table and two chairs, background music, and a bottle of champagne to celebrate one of your happiest days. You can also use other decorations such as candles, balloons, flowers, and pictures of you together.

I guarantee it will be such a memorable proposal that she couldn’t say no to.

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Hire a band that makes online serenades

As I’ve previously mentioned, it’s very important to support local businesses now more than ever. If you love the band that plays at your favorite restaurant but you can’t go there to hear them perform, hire them to do online serenades via Skype or Zoom. Ask them to sing her favorite songs, they will appreciate you supporting their business and your partner will definitely be shocked.

Or, if you want to propose with music but online serenades is not quite your cup of tea, be creative and compose your own song. Write about how you two met and your favorite memories, and pop the question at the end of your performance. I guarantee there will be happy tears.

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