6 Secrets Women Only Keep for Themselves

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1. Their weight

It’s a no-brainer that you should avoid asking a woman about her weight as she might consider it disrespectful. Not to mention, if they already have a problem with their physical appearance, this can trigger other problems too.

For instance, if a woman is more on the thinner side and people ask her about her weight, they might think that she doesn’t eat at all, especially because they assume she wants to keep her figure. On the other hand, if a female is a bit curvier, people might assume that she doesn’t work out at all.

However, it’s important to mention that one’s weight is no one’s business and if someone is healthy and takes care of their body, this is all that matters. Long story short, women often avoid discussing their weight with others, which, honestly, is something we all should do.

2. Their salary

If there’s one thing that triggers people negatively, it’s money. Others say it’s best to keep your salary private so that no one can judge you based on your income.

Women prefer to stay away from mentioning how much money they make simply because they don’t want to make other people feel insecure about their own salaries.

If they talk to one of their friends, for instance, who makes less money than they do, it might trigger those people into thinking they aren’t worth enough and that they need to work a lot harder.

Basically, money makes you feel safe and independent, and it also makes you feel like the master of your own universe, free to do as you like with your time. For this reason, they simply can’t afford anyone else to know their personal info.

3. Their age

…Think about the movies you typically see on TV and answer this simple question: how many times have you seen a woman lying about her age?

That’s right. The majority of women don’t get along with the idea that they’re not getting any younger, which makes them feel a bit scared and even insecure at times. This is exactly why they prefer to think that age is only a number and there’s nothing that can stop them from doing all the things they want.

If they tell you how old they are, you have access to make assumptions about their accomplishments, setbacks, and private life. This is why they keep their age a secret at all costs. Smart, right?

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