The Most Absurd Dating Tips from the 1930s

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You might assume that life back then was simpler, and maybe it was in some way. However, one thing stayed the same over time, and that’s the complicated dating life. In this day and age, we blame it on advanced technology and social media platforms, but the truth is, dating was never easy.

It’s quite funny, but, back in the day, women especially did a lot of strange things to get their man’s attention, and having your mother send you flowers is probably my favorite one. Yeah, you heard right!

Thinking about chewing gum on a date because you obviously want to have fresh breath? Back then, it was a big NO-NO. Now that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, we’ve made a list with probably the most ridiculous dating tips women did to impress men, about 80 years ago.

Read on to discover the most absurd dating tips from the 1930s!

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