Is Your Loved One Sick? Here’s How You Can Show Your Love


In sickness and in health, that’s what marriage is all about. Millions of couples have to deal with a serious illness every year, and it can be life-changing for both partners. Whether we’re talking about Alzheimer’s disease, heart failure, kidney dysfunction, cancer, or another severe medical condition, it’s hard for both partners to deal with a serious disease.

If you’re forced to take the role of a caregiver because your partner was newly diagnosed with a serious illness, you probably have no idea how to handle the situation and how to support them, and how to be strong for them.

Read on to find out how you can show your love if your spouse/ partner is sick, with the help of psychiatrist Susan Lehmann, director of the geriatric psychiatry clinic at The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Here are 7 Ways You Can Show Support and Help Your Partner with Anxiety.

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