25 Reasons Divorcing In Your 40s Isn’t The End of The World


When you decide to get married, you do it truly believing that you and your partner will be together for the rest of your lives. No one walks down the aisle thinking that their marriage won’t last and that in only a few years they’ll have to divide their assets and go on their separate ways.

Unfortunately, the road to the aisle may be paved with good intentions but the “I dos” are not always forever. In fact, between 43 and 46 percent of married adults end up calling it quits, even after more than 10-15 years of marriage. Fortunately, every cloud has a silver lining and divorce makes no exception. Divorce can change your life in incredible ways, even when you are in your forties; or should I say, especially when you are in your forties, with your best years still ahead. Here’s how.


You’ll feel happier

Being in an unhappy marriage is not good for anyone. Not separating from your spouse for all sorts of reasons, from your children to money or the fear of being alone, will not make your marriage any better. In fact, you’ll just continue being unhappy for a longer period of time, regretting the decision to remain trapped in a bad relationship.

According to one study by Avvo, most of the divorced female participants claimed they had no regrets regarding their decision to divorce their spouses. In the long run, they feel happier being single than stuck in an unhappy and unhealthy marriage.

Speaking of being single, check out these 10 Surprising Reasons Single People Are Happier and Live Longer.


You can refocus on your career goals

When you’re in your 20s think you have your whole life ahead of you, in your 30s you have some sort of goals in terms of your interests and job. But it’s in your 40s when you know what works for you and can use your experience and knowledge to tap into your highest potential and achieve your work goals. Without the baggage of your bad marriage, you’ll have plenty of energy and time to focus on having a successful career. Check out these 17 Recession-Proof Jobs That Can Survive Any Economic Crisis!

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