6 Problems Marriage Therapists Won’t Tell You

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4. You should’ve come to me first

Prevention is always better than treatment! Even though some couples are not married, if they have big problems that they are not able to fix on their own, they choose to go to a therapist to find help.

According to several studies, most couples wait up to six years from their first big problem to decide that they are willing to ask for professional help. Unmarried couples prefer to go to a marriage therapist before they tie the knot because they are willing to do everything they can to make their relationship work and be sure that they can function as a married couple.

5. This won’t be cheap

Almost nothing is cheap nowadays, but a session of couple therapy can cost up to $200. There can be added additional fees, so it’s always better to ask before you decide to go.

Keep in mind that an hour of therapy won’t magically solve all your relationship problems, so you might need several sessions.

6. I’ll keep seeing you if you want to 

Although you won’t know how long it will take to solve all of your problems it is believed that a good therapist can help their clients set goals and deadlines for their issues. This will give them a purpose, and it will help them change their attitude towards therapy. A therapist who can help clients resolve problems over time will also scale sessions, which will lead to a few check-in sessions every few months, for example.

Couples who decide to go to therapy should not be afraid to ask for an evaluation from their specialist after a few sessions, in order to make an approximation of how many more they would need.


Whether you like it or not, problems in marriages or any relationship, in general, can not be avoided. If you and your partner decide to go to therapy to make things great again, make sure you do your research beforehand!

With that being said, what do you think about marriage counseling? Have you ever been to one? Did it help? Don’t forget to share your though and your experience with us, by leaving them in the comment section down below!

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