11 Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Love You As Much As You Love Them

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Being in a relationship is not always easy, and there will be challenges you have to overcome as a couple in order to thrive. But you can’t do that when your partner does not love you unconditionally.

Someone who loves you and wants the relationship to work out will accept the fact that you’re not perfect, and they’re not either. After all, who is? We’re all human, trying out best to succeed in life. Yes, we make mistakes, we have flaws, but that’s what makes us unique.

Being in a relationship sometimes means learning how to love your partner’s flaws because loving their qualities is peace of cake. However, when you love your partner unconditionally, but they don’t love you in the same way, then you have a problem.

Some say a relationship is never truly equal, that one will always love more than the other, but why should you settle for that? Someone who doesn’t love you as much as they should never treat you as good as you deserve.

When that kind of love doesn’t exist in a relationship, you’ll see certain signs and patterns in your partner’s behavior that you shouldn’t ignore. Your partner’s actions might indicate that they’re not fully invested in your relationship.

But that doesn’t mean the relationship is over. As Julienne B. Derichs, LCPC, of Couples Counseling Today has explained, you can work on your relationship and make it better for both of you.

Read on to discover the 11 signs your partner might not love you as much as you love them!

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