18 Social Media Habits That Are Still Considered Cheating


Many people see cheating as a betrayal of someone’s trust, from hooking up with a co-worker to having once a week secret rendezvous with an ex in some hotel room. But in this digital era, being unfaithful extends beyond having a physical relationship with someone other than your partner.

In a recent study conducted by family law specialists Slater and Gordon, one-third of the couples surveyed indicated social media as the main cause of their divorce. While social media has proven to be the perfect breeding ground for infidelity, the cheating alarm doesn’t go off only when you hook up with someone. From flirty photos and thirsty comments to exchanging contact info and planning to meet up, discover the social media habits that are considered cheating and might ruin your relationship forever.


Creating Fake Profiles

It might sound weird for most of us, but there are people out there who have fake Facebook profiles just to troll others. As if trolling was not bad enough, others have a second Facebook identity for another purpose: cheating. If you discover that your partner has a different social media account than the “official” one, you definitely have every right to ask them why they made it for.

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Using Fake Names

If you’re changing the names of the contacts in your phone or have online conversations with people using code names, you’re undoubtedly holding out on your partner. If you’re not cheating on your significant other, there’s no reason for you to keep secrets about the people you’re talking to.

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