10 Signs You’re Indifferent to Your Spouse

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As much as love is usually one of the best feelings in the world, sometimes it can go all over the place, making people act weird. Even though you might have felt really connected at the start of the relationship, small fights, missed appointments, changes in behavior, and disappointments can lead to bigger issues, bitterness, and exasperations that can turn us off in the end.

You might have noticed that sometimes, a fight with your partner can make you more motivated to work on the problems you have and make things right. Other times, you might experience that fighting every now and then is actually making you feel more disconnected from your partner.

Indifference is a thing that happens in a lot of relationships, but for the majority of people, it’s only a temporary feeling. It can occur during stressful events when one of the partners feels like they deal with everything in their life.

For others, this indifference keeps growing every single day, making the relationship fall apart more and more.

Have you noticed that you are no longer that interested in your partner? Be realistic and honest about it. If you need more help to discover it, here are 10 signs you’re indifferent to your spouse.

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1 thought on “10 Signs You’re Indifferent to Your Spouse”

  1. I’ve been with my spouse for 32 yrs we were engaged for 13 yrs and been married 20 I lost communication with him yrs ago he always compared me to his ex wife!! She put a hurting on him and walked out on him and 2 children for him to raise a lone!! There was no comparison I took care of my child and helped him with his but he could never let go of her completely!! I still hung in there hoping for a change and the love I feel I deserved and wanted so badly He hurt me terribly and to this day I feel I not good enough!!! We are still married I feel we have become a habit that neither one of us can break!!! We haven’t been intimate in 6 yrs we don’t sleep together and don’t do a lot of community As we have aged I feel he’s a shamed of me!! We don’t go out in public together much!!! We don’t ask and I remain quiet!!! I’m not perfect But I know I’ve been a good wife to him!!! I feel like at one time he was seeing his ex wife I never really tried to find out for sure!! I loved him so deeply As of now we just live in the same house He does whatever he decides with out me and I work and take care of home!!! I don’t understand myself for putting my heart out there and trying and praying for his love and never getting it!! He has never loved me as I loved him!!! It’s hurtful I have become numb and I really don’t care what he does it’s the same thing every day!!! But I pray that someday he is man enough to say I’m sorry for hurting you!!! Guess I’ll see (HUH)

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