8 Signs Your Spouse Doesn’t Find You Attractive Anymore

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There are people who say that attraction fades over time and it is completely normal that from time to time, everyone, including those who are married, need a break and want to spend some time alone. That’s doable and understandable, but what isn’t and is concerning, is when your partner seems to not find you attractive anymore.

As painful and stressful as it gets, it is important to observe if it happens in your relationship as well. If it’s just at the beginning, you can still change its course and spark the relationship again. If you are worried that your partner might not find you attractive anymore, read these signs and check your relationship:

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3 thoughts on “8 Signs Your Spouse Doesn’t Find You Attractive Anymore”

  1. Yes, she spent several months mad at everything and said she didn’t like me anymore. I let time pass and now she is acting differently. Maybe not great at communication, but more loving and some communicating.

    1. Hi Merle, does this come from one of three things, lack of true communication when you say hurtful things .Does it have to do with lack of sleep and nutritional deficiency. Or lack of emotional connection?

  2. Since my first husband had many extramarital encounters ( he was in a rock band), and after my second husband of 21 yeats died, I’ve dated and i always see everything you describe. It’s related to the fear from the first one, but I always see it, and am ready to bail. My self-doubt and fear is what makes them pull away. I think you have all of them right, though.

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