Cheating: 7 Things People Say Before They Do It

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5. They always take their phone with them

…even in the shower!

It seems like nowadays we’re attached to our phones and we take them everywhere with us. However, if your partner is constantly on their phone even when they’re spending time with you, that’s a red flag.

Besides that, your partner’s phone might contain proof of infidelity if they’ve been dishonest with you. Because they fear being exposed, they will protect the evidence by keeping their phone close at all times, even while they’re with you.

6. She/He’s just a friend

It’s possible that your partner might get defensive and insist they’re doing nothing wrong when you show or tell them that you’re suspicious.

People often respond to accusations that they are developing romantic affection for someone else by saying that the person they’ve been spending some time with is only a friend, so you have nothing to worry about.

Maybe it’s the truth, maybe it’s a complete fabrication. You are the one that will figure everything out sooner or later! You should look into it if you have suspicions that they are more than just pals.

According to psychologists, even in a committed relationship, one might still have emotions or desires toward others, and that’s OK, as long as you’re both sure of the feelings you have for each other.

For instance, if you see someone on the street and think that they’re cute, it doesn’t mean that you don’t love your partner anymore and you plan on cheating. You just acknowledge that the person you saw is indeed attractive, and then you move on about your day.

However, the difficulty arises when your significant other acts on their desire in a manner that undermines your trust and dignity, aka cheating.

7. They don’t care anymore

Your spouse might be on the edge of cheating if they suddenly stop caring about your whereabouts, activities, or finances. Given the fact that they no longer appreciate the connection, they don’t care what you do anymore.

When contemplating infidelity, people usually don’t care about the consequences. The majority of them will stop asking personal questions once they realize that they don’t see you in their future anymore.

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