15 Amazing First Date Ideas for People Over 40

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Maybe you’re on a continued search for your forever partner or reentering the dating market after a long period of time, dating over 40 is a whole different thing from your earlier dating days. Potential partners know more about themselves at this age, than youngers do, they have well-established preferences and desires, and also well-established intolerances, too.

“Dating when you are over 40 can be a wonderful advantage because you have grown up, experienced many relationships, perhaps had your heart broken, and learned so much about life and love,” says therapist and relationship expert Audrey Hope.

“When you are older, you don’t want to waste time and you don’t have to. Hopefully, the years have given you more self-love and esteem, and more knowledge about what you want and don’t want, so first dates can be more meaningful.”

A date can be a sophisticated evening at a restaurant, or it can be something fun and spontaneous, depending on what you and your partner like. Perhaps you’re looking for a simple and straightforward first date to minimize the initial pressure, or even awkwardness sometimes. Or maybe you’re just searching for new adventures and see where it takes you.

No matter the perception you have of a great first date, here are some suggestions for you. Here are some great date ideas for everyone dating over 40!

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