5 Perfectly Good Reasons NOT To Get Married

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Here we go again, talking about feelings and love. I don’t know about everyone, but I’m sure that for some of us, sometimes it feels like it doesn’t matter what the conversation is about, it will always end up being about relationships.

I can’t come up with an explanation of why people are so curious about somebody else’s love life, but it doesn’t matter how old you are, you’ll still be asked “When are you planning on getting married?”, “How long have you been married for?”, “You two are together for quite some time now, why don’t you just get married already?”.

There are people who really enjoy being married, but there are also some that even if they are in a good and healthy relationship, they are not ready or don’t want to take a step further.

If you haven’t guessed it already, today we are going to talk about marriage, but with a twist. Are there any good reasons why you wouldn’t want to commit to something like this? I’ll tell you there are, so if you want to find out, you know what you should do: keep on reading.

1. You Have Other Priorities 

Nowadays, everyone is focused on crushing their own goals. Maybe somebody wants to become a great actor, or teacher or who knows what else and they don’t have the time or energy to put their mind into a marriage.

This doesn’t mean that they can’t have a partner, but unlike the times our grandparents lived in, being married isn’t a serious condition in order for two people to live together or have babies.

That’s why, if there are people who want to be financially stable and have a flourishing career before getting married, all we can say is congratulations!

If you are happy with yourself first, you will be happy being part of a relationship!

2. Marriage Can Ruin Your Relationship

I’m not trying to be dramatic here, but there are people you are committed to a relationship for a long time, but they are not willing to go to the altar.

For them, signing those papers and saying “yes” in front of everyone seem like putting pressure on, nothing to do with happiness. Knowing they are not just a regular couple, but a married couple can make them feel and act insecure.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is being happy and if happiness means staying out of a marriage, then this is what you should do.

3. Bad Experiences From The Past

A good relationship takes a lot of hard work. For some people, the lack of success in the previous long-term relationship can be a real turn off when it comes to marriage.

Also, failed matrimonies can influence the way some people see this. Maybe they got divorced or they’ve lost the person they loved and starting over the same way can be hard.

Another reason why people prefer not to go to the altar is that they were surrounded by people who were married and got divorced. It can be either parents, relatives or friends, it doesn’t matter, because it’s still a triggering subject for them.

4. You Don’t Have Financial Resources

Having the wedding of your dreams is not an easy thing to accomplish, due to the fact that there are a lot of details you need to take care of. Some people think that if they don’t have everything they want when it comes to the big day, then it’s better to postpone it.

Nothing wrong with that, especially due to the fact that there isn’t a best time when people can get married. If there aren’t any problems between the partners, then waiting a little more time to become Mr. & Mrs. is nothing that doesn’t worth a try.

5. You Might Enjoy More Casual Relationships

Some people find a person they love and are willing to spend their entire life with, while others seem to enjoy more casual relationships. Nothing wrong here, just some different points of view.

Having more casual relationships can be seen as a way to accumulate experiences. You’ll find out more about yourself, about other people and you will really get to understand what you want and need when it comes to a partner.

If having multiple relationships is making you feel happy, then you do you and be unapologetic!

Either you don’t want to commit to a “lifetime” relationship or if you feel like they are not for you, don’t worry, you are not alone. Many people are refusing to get married because they have career goals or because they feel like it’s just a patriarchy movement.

If you want to stay in a relationship, that’s good. If you want to stay single, that’s good as well. If you want to wait until you find the right person to get married, you’ve guessed it. That’s good.

You should always listen to yourself and find out what you truly want. Other people’s opinions are just nonsense.

Happy non-married day!


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