5 Super Ordinary Things Men Wish Women Would Wear in Bed

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Ann Haritonenko from shutterstock.com

…How often have you thought about getting all dressed up for your men, ladies? 

Lace, black and red colors, high heels, fancy lingerie… these are all classic things when it comes to having fun with your partner. However, there might be times when you’re really not in the mood to play dress-up, but you still do it, because you think that normal clothes won’t have the same effect.

In that case, I have just one thing to tell you: you’re WRONG! There are clothing items that you surely enjoy wearing and the best part is that your men consider them extremely se*y. The majority of women believe that they only look good when they wear something risqué and dressy, and maybe even a full face of makeup.

But even though men enjoy watching you all dressed up, the reality is that for them it’s enough to just be yourself and wear something you feel comfortable in. With that being said, here are 5 super ordinary things men wish women would wear in bed.

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