8 Things You MUST Do To Avoid Divorce

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1. Make connection a priority!

Unfortunately, the spark between two people won’t last a long time if it’s not being taken care of! According to some studies, by dedicating as little as 15 minutes each day to each other, it is believed that a couple can greatly boost their chances of marital success.

If you have a busy schedule or if you simply have no idea how to get close to your partner, you may, for example, get up a little earlier and spend that time cuddling, making love, and even reaffirming your love for each other in bed.

Take time each day to have meaningful conversations with each other; to listen with the same intensity with which you listened when you were dating, to touch, hug, and show affection. Dinner time is always a good place and moment to have a meaningful conversation about marriage and life objectives.

2. Compliments will never go out of fashion!

It would be a lie to say that there are people who hate being complimented! This is a sort of affirmation and validation that you might not need to receive from other people, but when you do, it makes you happy.

Think about the beginning of your relationship, when you and your partner were completely in love with each other, and you couldn’t help yourselves, but complement one another all the time!

This doesn’t mean that you should tell your spouse how beautiful they are from the moment when you wake up until you go to bed, but telling them how much you appreciate them from time to time will do wonders for your relationship.

Don’t be afraid to compliment your spouse in the comfort of your own home or in front of other people. Even if your partner might seem a little ashamed of it, don’t worry, they will get used to it!… They may even secretly love it!

3. Love them the way they want to be loved!

Everyone wants to feel loved, but there are different ways of loving and caring for somebody. Many times, people believe that they should express their feelings towards someone the way they would want them to in return. For example, you might have the idea that flowers are always a good gift, but your partner might prefer something else.

If you don’t know what is making your spouse happy, try your best and find out! It doesn’t matter if it’s a date at the cinema or if it is a casserole with lunch. You have to remember that the biggest gesture of love is something your partner wants and needs, not something YOU want them to have.

4. Don’t neglect your physique! 

We don’t know about you, but we’ve seen a lot of people who got into some serious relationships but completely forgot about themselves. They got extremely comfortable and forgot the things that made them happy, such as wearing nice clothes, shaving, eating healthy, working out, and so many other things.

Just because you might be involved in a long-term relationship it doesn’t mean that you should neglect your appearance! There is nothing wrong with being a couch potato or a hot mess every now and then, but you have to remember to take care of yourself just as you do with your partner!

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