How To Know When Your Relationship Is Falling Apart: 5 Signs

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4. Your Goals Don’t Align

When things don’t go well, one of the hardest things to accept in a relationship is that you and your partner want different things. You may deeply care for each other, but unfortunately, this isn’t enough to make it work. If you feel like you’re not on the same page and your goals don’t align at all, this may be a sign that your relationship won’t last.

Where you’d like to live, professional dreams or desires for children are some of the many aspirations that couples struggle with. Regardless of the goals that are causing a disconnect, it’s never an easy situation to deal with. If you’re still in love and both of you truly want your bond to last, you may want to seek counseling to help you communicate and understand each other.

But remember that this only works if both you and your partner are willing to make things work. In contrast, if you have different visions for the future and improving your relationship seems impossible, this may be a sign that your relationship is falling apart.

5. Someone Else Seems More Appealing

Fantasizing about other people isn’t a tragedy. But if you’re developing a strong desire that overshadows the importance of sex with your partner, this may be a sign that your relationship isn’t what it used to be.

Whether you’re crushing on someone from work or constantly thinking about your ex, it’s time to reconsider your feelings toward your partner. The same goes for when your fantasies about others create a dream world in which your partner’s role is diminishing.

It’s important to be aware of these changes and understand why they happen. Once you do that, you should either stop fantasizing about someone else or start a conversation with your partner.

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