6 Ways You Can Be A Better Partner

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Every relationship between two people is unique, but one thing is for certain: when you commit to a relationship, you actually commit to trying and thinking about what kind of partner you want to become and where you need to improve. Because let’s be honest, every one of us has things we can work on, right?

So, let’s see these 6 ways you can become a better partner in your relationship.

1. Know how to make yourself happy first

It’s not your partner’s job to make you happy, so you shouldn’t expect them to make you feel this way. It’s your own responsibility to make yourself happy, so you won’t project any expectations of what you need onto your partner.

2. Eliminate unnecessary selfishness

Once you have discovered how to create your own happiness, you can then focus on giving to your partner. But this is a two way street. More often than not, one of the partners gives everything – their time and energy, letting go of their dreams to support their partner. This is way too selfless.

So, a healthy balance must be obtained. When both partners are conscious and sensitive to each others feelings, dreams and needs, the wrong type of selfishness can easily be eliminated.

3. Be honest and be trustworthy

Lies and omissions only rot the possibility of true intimacy with your partner. So, make sure you respect your commitment to your partner, whether you are with your partner or not.

4. Be responsible

There are going to be good and bad days, but after the emotion has subsided, try to take some time to determine what was the cause of your bad day, and take the responsibility of stating the truth behind your emotions.If your partner’s behavior made you feel left out, let

them know. If you feel like your partner isn’t as involved as you, talk about it. Such conversations aren’t necessarily easy in a relationship, but they are necessary to create a stronger bond and true understanding of each other’s needs.

5. Be appreciative

This is a very simple way to strengthen your relationship. Try to remember each day to show your appreciation to your partner, even if it’s for the smallest things that otherwise would go unnoticed.

6. Laugh together

As a couple, when you are able to laugh together (not at each other, as a way to demean), you are opening yourself up to your partner, allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

So, these are just a few tips on how to become a better partner. But remember that healthy relationships reflect an ongoing effort from both partners to address the needs of `me`, `you`, and `us`.

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