10 Signs Your Partner’s Family Doesn’t Like You

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Mother-in-law, father-in-law, not to mention your spouse’s other relatives. For many people, the mere mention of their partner’s family can bring on a panic attack. This happens regardless of age, gender, or how long the relationship has been. Why is that, you might ask?

Well, according to some relationships experts, it is believed that it’s in our human nature to want other people to have a good impression of you. Long story short, it’s natural for humans to want to be liked by everyone, especially when those people are related to their soulmates.

There are a few people we can consider lucky because they seem to get along really well with their partners’ relatives. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. I’m sorry I have to tell you this, but if you have the impression that your spouse’s family doesn’t like you very much, you are probably correct.

According to Psychology Today, in delicate situations like this, it is better to trust your gut. We can’t ignore the fact that sometimes, knowing that there are people who don’t have the best opinion about you, can drive us nuts. When something tells you that your loved one’s family doesn’t like you so much, you have two options: you either talk to your partner about it, or you pretend that you don’t notice or care. Whatever you chose to do, make sure you find the best way to express your feelings!

Another article that was published on Psychology Today says that for parents, the child is always going to be a child, regardless of age or relationship status. That is because from the moment the little one is born, there is a strong and enduring connection that keeps evolving.

In other words, your partner might not react well when hearing the fact that their family dislikes you. They might get defensive (if they are really close to their relatives), or might adopt a phlegmatic attitude (if they are not that close to their family, and they are willing to make you the top priority).

But let’s not get too deep yet. First of all, you have to prepare. That means you need to analyze your partner’s behavior when it comes to their family. After that, you will have a more definite idea about how you can handle the situation.

If you have trouble figuring out if your spouse’s family likes you or not, keep reading to see if these signs apply to your situation!

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