7 Things People Stupidly Do To Save A Relationship

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1. They go out and buy crazy expensive gifts 

“Thank you for the yacht, honey! Yes, of course, I’ll grow old with you!”

You’ve surely seen in many movies scenes where men, usually, give jewelry, cars, designer clothes, and accessories to women, just to have a relationship with them.

Who doesn’t like giving and receiving gifts? It’s fun and lovely but who would like to be loved by someone just for money? Although it’s possible, there are A LOT of chances that it won’t be something long-term. We say this behavior is toxic. What do you think?

2. They accept weird advice

According to experts, men tend to behave more like lone-wolves when they are experiencing problems in relationships. They may seek advice from friends or from people who have already gone through a situation like they are in now, but most of the time, they keep it simple.

Women, on the other hand, are the ones who overcomplicate things. Sometimes, they behave as if they are scared about their relationship, or they are scared that their partners are going to leave them. This is the point in the relationship when everything turns upside down. Instead of talking to their spouses from the first time they feel that something is off, they prefer to overthink the situation.

After they get tired of all the scenarios in their heads, they ask their friends for advice. Sometimes it’s good and helpful, but at others, it’s just wrong and useless if you think about it.

3. Unusual bedroom compromises

Do you know the scene from the first season of “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”, where Ross and Carol couldn’t find a way to make their marriage work like it used to? Scared that he is going to lose her, Ross suggested they should spike up their bedroom life. They invited one of Carol’s friends to share a night of intimacy and after that, the wife realized that she is a lesbian.

It might be something that only happens in the movies, but what if people are so scared, that they are willing to welcome someone else into their intimate relationship?

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