This One Thing Is Ruining Your Relationship, Experts Say


3.Understand what you want to achieve with your response

Now that we’ve established how important it is t calm your emotions, you need to understand what you want to achieve with your response. If you want to make your partner realize that they said or did something wrong that made you feel awful, you need to make sure you explain it to them in a peaceful and tranquil manner, without raising your voice or saying mean things you might regret later, Bartz says.


4.You shouldn’t beat yourself up when you fail

You need to understand that no one is able to successfully take these steps all the time, but it’s normal, we’re all humans and we sometimes go through situations that make it impossible for us to stay calm. However, you got to keep trying. According to Bartz, “Remember, this internal redirect isn’t easy.”

“You may find that at first, you’re only able to catch yourself after you’ve reacted. But with time and practice, you should be able to notice strong emotions that arise and take a timeout,” in order to reach a place where you can communicate effectively without triggering a huge fight.

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