13 Reasons Why Eating Together Builds Strong Relationships

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Spending some quality time with your significant other is pretty important for a long lasting and healthy relationship.

Activities of such include: going on walks together, having a cup of coffee downtown, watching a good movie and eating together. In fact, eating together is apparently very good for your relationship.

Sounds a little bit weird doesn’t it? I mean what is it about seeing each other chew, in complete silence that’s so romantic and makes us bond more than ever?

Well, here are a few reasons specialists swear they will make a couple inseparable.

1. You are having more conversations than you think

When you are eating you don’t do just that you are of course having conversations as well, and while you do that it can last for hours.

You don’t rush through the meal and you can enjoy it while having a great chat.

2. You share a lot 

While having lunch or dinner together you share more than you think with your significant other. You have the time, you set the scene and there you go.

3. A shared experience brings you closer

Sharing food is always the perfect context.

4.You get more comfortable with one another 

Most people don’t like to eat in front of other people, especially in their loved ones face. But getting used to it makes it easier for you and them.

5. The way you treat the staff in a restaurant shows who you really are

If they’re rude to the waitstaff that’s terrible and with that you can truly see how they really are.

6. It’s the perfect excuse for both to enjoy a drink

You can both drink some good wine or a nice cocktail while eating a good meal. How long since you’ve done that with your partner?

7. You don’t have to feel bad for the tummy you have afterwards

After having a nice course it’s natural that you will have a bigger tummy. Duh! But you no longer have to feel bad about it around your partner since they will have one as well!

8. Eating together healthy or unhealthy stuff

Having the same eating schedule can sometimes mean that you’re both eating junk and healthy stuff at the same time! Your ride or die right?

9. You get to share amazing culinary experiences together

If you find an amazing recipe or a restaurant that you try together and it turns out to be a great experience then it can be a pretty great memory for both of you.

And it can become your ”thing”.

10. It’s equal for the both of you

No one serves the other, one cooks and one cleans. Talk about equals in a relationship.

11. You get messy…so what?

Some people are afraid they are going to get messy during a meal and make themselves look like a complete fool in front of their loved one, but guess what? They will messy as well so there’s nothing to be ashamed about!

12. You learn more about their habits

Seeing someone eat can tell you lots about them, from the way they are eating to what their eating choice is.

13. You both know it’s gonna get to the bedroom

Let’s face it having dinner with your significant other always leads to the bedroom. There’s something about it that makes it so sexy.


No matter what the activity is, it’s important that you feel connected and loved in a relationship. Find daily activities that you can both do together in order to keep the flame alive.

From going on late night walks to learning new recipes in the kitchen, there can be even the most common thing in the world.

Do whatever makes you feel comfortable and happy.

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